Settling in

This week they are trying to hit the routine hard, getting fully back to the work they’re in the Mibu to do. That is the plan at least. However, Geoff’s office space has become a storage place, so there’s some work needed there to get that workable again too. They have been making sure that they have had plenty of time to catch up with friends when they are around, and that’s been good!

One thing that struck Geoff on his return to Mibu was the number of people that have built a house up in the little hamlet where they live, near the airstrip. NEAR THE AIRSTRIP!!! That’s the important part. The finish of what has been a beast of a project is imminent enough in their minds that some are starting to live and garden near it so that they can be close to the work. From what Geoff understands, they intend to continue to live there when the strip is done! This is a good sign!

Geoff has been able to have several discussions with people about the church. He went to a meeting last weekend and will be attending another this weekend, and they were able to share fellowship with Mibu brothers and sisters on Sunday at church! Geoff and Shannon are still trying to discern what growth/changes have happened this year while they were away. The church leaders continue to do well. Geoff and Shannon can’t wait to get the full feel of things and fine tune how they can serve the church as they seek to help them mature to the point where they can leave. Of course, the translation must continue on, but there are also lessons that need to be developed and lots of leadership training and discipleship. That will take time to figure out more clearly and what areas to focus on. One thing they do know right now though is that they need to be showing folks more of what God’s Word says about Jesus’ return.

Last weekend Geoff felt honoured to be able to hike to the village where the Mibu church has been doing evangelism lessons over the last few months. The weekend marked the last of these lessons! He can’t wait to go and see for himself. So he hiked over there and spent a couple nights with them. On Saturday they heard the last of the lessons, and Geoff shared some encouraging words to those there who are newly trusting the Lord Jesus to free them from their sin and give them new life.

Geoff and Shannon are missing their co-workers who had to fly out unexpectedly due to illness, cutting their last time before they go on furlough short by a week. Being the only expats in Mibu is always hard, so Geoff and Shannon ask for your prayers. Please pray that their sense of dependence on the Lord would be renewed each day.

Pray for strength and protection from the evil one whose attacks they have felt keenly here in the past. Finally, if you would pray for Geoff’s knee. He had his right knee worked on in the states but now his left knee has been acting up.

As they reflect each day on God’s provisions, Geoff and Shannon are grateful for your prayers as they live and serve the church in Mibu.

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