Settling in Senegal

Regina’s language class consist of six students or, ‘growing participants’. The main goal is building relationships. Building a relationship to the class teacher and also to people outside the class room. Please pray for the French lessons; that she will learn well and that she doesn’t become too tired to review the lessons.

Very soon after arriving in Senegal Regina had to find a tailor who within a week would make her clothes. This tailor was very nice and she even got a “relationship bonus” and received a discount. Again, relationships are very important in Senegal. By going to the tailor, Regina was able to hear new words. The tailors heart language was Wolof. It is always good to be able to speak a few words in Wolof to show appreciation. Showing interest in speaking Wolof has a positive reaction.

Regina has been able to take a trip with a co-worker to a Senegalese family in a local town. After their arrival they were invited to dine in three different houses, of both Wolof and Bainouk people. The drive was exciting, due to the fact that the roads were flooded. If it does rain, streets turn into muddy roads, because there is no drainage system.

Pray for Regina to be able to sort out some important paperwork.

Natural immunity against cultural stress is rare or nearly impossible. A typical appearance for Regina is homesickness, missing her family and friends. But God has encouraged her through His Word, people from the church and her colleagues. Please pray that Regina would love the people and the place, and grow closer to the Lord.

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