Settling in

Four weeks ago, Erwin and Rita Penner with Hanna, Ben, and Lia moved out of the capital to Filadelfia, Paraguay to join the work amongst the Nivacle people group.

Because of the large German-speaking Mennonite presence in the area their children are able to go to their school/kindergarten which is a huge blessing for them.

As a couple, Erwin and Rita are slowly getting started in terms of language and culture learning.

Pray for them as they are still settling in and figuring out their new schedule etc, coping with all the changes that life brings (especially Erwin, who is struggling with change and no routine etc…) Pray for language helpers and friends, their family life and relationship with God and for their co-workers, who are already working on translation and recently had a check with the translation consultant.

They are thankful for God’s provision, faithfulness, and all the people He has put in their path already!