Settling in

Borja and Andi love being in Papua New Guinea, knowing this is where the Lord wants them to be. The kids are doing just fine and they love it. Joel has picked up some Pidgin words; he is now able to greet the local people in Pidgin.
At times Borja and Andi feel overwhelmed because of their full schedule and the necessary cultural adjustments. Three mornings a week they go to class and the other two mornings they go on an outing with their local language helper. After lunch they host their study group at their home as they continue with some spiritual and practical modules e.g. about culture shock, security, managing conflict, etc. They meet at home so that Joel and Abigail can take a nap. As well as doing NCLA (National Culture and Language Acquisition), Borja tries to squeeze in about two hours of work before classes start and two hours after class in the afternoon so that he can work alongside his colleague, Aaron, and learn the ropes before Aaron goes on home assignment.
Pray for Borja and Andi to learn the language and culture well so that may build meaningful relationships with the local community and be culturally sensitive.
Andi finds running the household is very time consuming. For example, the twin-tub washing machine is half-manual and takes lots of time. Mondays and Thursdays are the busiest days as the grocery store is open and the local fruit and veggie market takes place for about 30 minutes, just outside the centre. Once they bring the produce home from the market, they need to thoroughly soak/wash everything in salty vinegar water to sanitise it and kill the cockroaches and other bugs hiding in them, especially in the bunches of bananas. However, they thank God for the abundance of fresh fruit and veggies. Pray that Borja and Andi will manage their time well. They need God’s strength and wisdom to set up an effective daily/weekly routine.
They also praise the Lord for the friends they have met again who did Bible school/missionary training with them.
Recently a seven week daily teaching course started for all the local people who work at New Tribes Headquarters. This is the chronological Bible teaching, from Creation to Christ, the same as is being used in the different tribal locations but at the centre it is done in Pidgin. Pray for these people, that as they go through the teaching the Holy Spirit may work in their and that they may understand that salvation cannot be earned by good works; it is by God’s amazing grace alone.

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