Settling in

The Philippines field conference was held in Manila at the beginning of January, and Manfred and Rosie spent a very good time there, meeting the missionaries from other regions, enjoying fellowship and hearing about God’s work in their areas. All in all it was very encouraging for Manfred and Rosie, as they work in support ministries, to be reminded of the joys and frustrations of those working in the villages and how they can be a part.
Manfred’s ministry is in the area of software development. The programmer, who worked for a company working for NTM Philippines, left the firm without returning the company laptop. In March, the missing part of the programme became available again. In the meantime, NTM leadership arranged that the company has to do part of their work in the NTM office, so they can check their progress a bit better. After completion, the programme needs to be tested before the field can definitely change to it.
There are three young Filipinos living in Manfred and Rosie’s neighbourhood who have already had some Bible studies with a lady serving SIL. Before the SIL lady left for her home assignment, she asked Rosie if she would like to continue with the Bible studies until she returns. So Rosie started chronological teaching with them in February. Together they watch the English video version of the “Stranger” book. The videos are very helpful as they show pictures from Israel, Jerusalem, scrolls, altars, etc. All three of them are very interested and Rosie has found it really helpful to have a written Cebuano translation for their better understanding of the message. They just have to read that on their own as Rosie doesn’t know Cebuano at all.
As exciting as this is, it’s also connected with spiritual battle. Recently the girls had a very poisonous snake in their room. Then at another time they had to cancel the Bible studies because one of the girls got a job. Missing one lesson would implicate that she would be missing the context of all following lessons, and Manfred and Rosie think God is looking for a good work, rather than for a quick one. Please pray that they will gain a correct understanding of the Gospel and develop an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ! Also pray that the enemy’s attacks won’t make them turn away from God, but rather that they will put all their hope and trust in the one and only Saviour! Right now they know too little for understanding the context of all those stories and how to rely on them in their own lives. Rosie keeps telling them that God is always in control and that they can always trust Him. But how can they trust God as long as they haven’t heard the whole message yet?

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