Settling in

Basically they have the house sorted out and have settled in. Gwen Pierce (Wendy’s mum) went up with them as far as the city about six hours away and stayed there while Richard and Wendy worked to bring order to the chaos of the house and their schedule. For the first week they had no electricity. Their neighbour is on a different “power grid” and has electricity for twelve hours a day. They were a big help as they let Wendy keep meat and such in their freezer and had a laundry service for the community that they were able to use. Now Richard and Wendy’s electricity supply is fairly reliable with occasional power cuts. After they were there about a week, Richard, drove back to pick up Gwen and do supply buying. Despite the busyness of getting settled in, they have had some good opportunities to get to know people in the community.

Pray for the evening Karen reading and writing classes in the village which start this week.

Richard and Wendy thank you for your prayers. Continue to pray for safety with all the travelling. Pray for them as they continue building relationships and as they get involved in the community. Pray that God would prepare folks to help with Bible lesson development and that He would prepare hearts to have a hunger to know truth.

Pray also for the upcoming processes of opening a foundation branch office, getting a new work permit and renewing their visa next year. Pray that they would have favour in the eyes of the various officials who are a part of these processes.

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