Settling back

Last month Christopher and Lilli Meyer with Linda, Silas and Viola returned to Papua New Guinea after their home assignment in Germany.

This time they had the luxury of travelling with Lilli’s cousin, Eveline, who asked if they could use some help. She was a tremendous blessing providing an extra pair of eyes and two extra hands when travelling with little children, and assisting with home schooling Linda and Silas, and  helping with daily jobs in the house. They all enjoyed her company so much! Linda and Silas enjoy the warm weather. Once they have finished with school for the day, there are always other kids to play with.

Please pray for Viola who is new to PNG, that her little body can adjust well to the different climate and all the other changes she’s experiencing. Pray for each of their health in general.

Currently it is quite a challenge to travel from A to B via helicopter. The mission’s aviation department is so busy and everybody has to wait for flights much longer than previously. Christopher was able to arrange for them to go back in the bush last week so Eveline could even visit for a few days. She was such a huge help with the kids and unpacking everything, and she enjoyed to see where they live and do ministry.

Previously, Christopher had gone to Madang to organise supplies and groceries for the next months and then on March 1st he met the rest of the family back in the Kaje village. Lilli, Eveline, and the kids stayed for another week in Lapilo and then flew to the bush from there.

They were very excited to see their co-workers and Kaje brothers and sisters in Christ again, but they are also aware that the first weeks back in the bush are going to be very challenging. Christopher and Lilli have to get back into language study to make up for what they have they have forgotten over the past 20 months and they all have to re-adjust to such a different life again.

They are thankful:

  • For safe travels to PNG
  • That Eveline travelled with them
  • That they could get back into the village

Pray with them:

  • For their health
  • For settling back into life in the bush

Thank you so much for being faithful in prayer.