Setting out a vision

This month, having been in communication with the mission doctor, field leadership and co-workers, Jan and Annette Wols are set to return to Papua New Guinea. They now plan to live and work on the Hoskins Centre where there is also some limited medical help available if needed for Jan’s skin condition – he will be able to take extra medication and emergency medicines. Jan and Annette trust the Lord that Jan’s condition will stay stable, even moving back to the tropics and that it will continue to improve and heal. They praise the Lord for providing for them, and for the many dear people who have stood with them during the extended time in the Netherlands. They also enjoyed the time they were able to spend with their children and grandchildren.

Jan and Annette look forward to again being in closer contact with the Lamogai church leaders and literacy school leaders. They need to work with them on finalising the literacy programme so that they can start to provide much needed new and up to date materials for the schools.

They also will be able to meet with the field leaders, start working on setting out a vision, and work on providing the churches with O.T. study materials in the trade language.

Jan and Annette trust that the Lord will continue to provide for the printing of the Lamogai Bible, which will be coming up soon, and for the ongoing work on the literacy and study materials.

Because of the special medical donations, Jan and Annette have been able to buy a special adjustable wheelchair for a child in PNG and will be able to take it with them when they fly.

“Man’s goings are of the Lord; how can a man then understand his own way?”  Proverbs 20:24