Serving with a purpose

Bill observed: “The Gimi men are doing a great job applying the truth of God’s Word to everyday situations that surround them. And the Bible lessons that John (Lynne’s late husband) prepared in Gimi are being taught in fifteen of the sixteen churches.” This is all good news indeed, and your prayers are certainly appreciated as the Christians go forward with God’s work in the Gimi.
Lynne continues to enjoy working in Member Services tracking the ministry information of the NTM missionaries who send in their prayer letters from all over the world. Planes, trains, cars, buses and underground!
Lynne thanks the Lord for a safe and wonderful ten day visit to England with her granddaughter Karis! They were able to see and visit with many friends from John’s church and give them up-to-date information on what the Lord is doing in the Gimi tribe in PNG. They also visited John’s two sisters, which was wonderful for Lynne, especially as they are both doing better than when she last saw them.

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