Sensing God working

Ben and Wina had several meetings together with their team and with the leadership at Hoskins. They were able to talk through a lot of things and found it was a wonderful experience to have the peace of God through it all. As a team, they have all finally found reconciliation and forgiveness towards each other. Even though there will be things in the future that won’t be easy, they are full of hope in the Lord’s plans for each of them and for the future Bali church.
While Ben and Wina’s team members will be forming plans for the future of the work in Bali, Ben and Wina will take leave of Bali and Papua New Guinea for now to recover from the difficulties of late and to gather new strength and direction.
In all these changes of plans, Ben and Wina believe they have been led by the Lord. Please pray for them that the Lord would give clarity of direction for the near and more distant future and that they would trust Him to lead them. They will be in Omaha for two weeks at the end of this month and after that they’ll settle in Germany for a while. They are really looking forward to seeing Ben’s family and all those at Keystone Bible Chapel again; they can hardly believe that it has been more than four years since they were last in Omaha!

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