Senegal’s drought is broken!

Dubby and Anna Rodda are thankful that God has answered prayer!

Both in the Saafi area (where they both worked) and the Balanta area (where Anna worked previously) it has been raining recently, possibly averting a famine!  May it continue to fall frequently for six to eight weeks more, even though that seems impossible! Usually the rainy season is beginning to peter out at this stage.

Saafi Scriptures are slowly spreading.
One believer has been sowing some of God’s Word among those who can read the Arabic language. He has been helping some people to get used to reading the Saafi Scriptures in the Arabic-based writing too. They will already be able to follow much of it since the majority of the letters are the same as in Arabic; it is the non-arabic letters which are the challenge. He does this by playing the Scriptures from a memory card, and then helping them to follow along in the text as they listen.  By this method they will gradually get used to seeing how their non-Arabic letters are written. Pray that this method can be multiplied for many more people like them.

Saafi Scripture programmes are aired each week on a radio station which covers about half the Saafi area. Another radio station covers most of the other half. Pray that the Director of that station would look favourably on airing those programmes on his station as well.

Anna has Parkinson’s disease, and needs carers to help her in daily living. One of these went with her to Senegal for a visit in June. She has since been sick. Dubby and Anna are really thankful that she continues to improve greatly. She is now on an extended holiday and hopes to return to care for Anna in approximately two weeks. They are really looking forward to that! Thank you for praying for her! Anna’s health continues to be about the same.