Senegal to Germany

It has been challenging at times for the Haerter family particularly for Simona and Leonie who started school six weeks ago. But the Lord is good.
There was one boy in particular who had bullied Leonie. When he was called to the director’s office (they had talked with the school), the Lord had already worked in his heart. He said to the head teacher: “I know why you called me. I want to say sorry to Leonie.” He really did, and he has changed since. What an amazing God we serve!
Leonie needs special help, especially in maths. The school is in the process of determining her special needs. Pray that this will be helpful to her.
Simona found it difficult in the beginning because she didn’t know a single person. However, she’s now enjoying getting to know her classmates. She has already taken several exams and done well. Praise the Lord that He is taking care of the children. Pray that they continue to settle.
Christoph and Anne had a great start to their ministries with NTM in Germany. There are many young Germans currently studying at the NTM’s North Cotes College in England. Their responsibility is to liaise with them and their churches, especially if they decide to go on with the mission and serve the Lord full time. Pray that they will be a blessing to them and to their colleagues.
The little girl with the burnt face from the village in Senegal and her mother are now in Italy. She had two surgeries and it seems to have gone well. Continue to pray for this little one and her family, that through all these trials they would get to know the Lord.

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