Senegal Life and Times

In Senegal the classic four seasons of the year do not exist. On July 20th they had the first rain worth mentioning in Dakar for about nine months.

For the first week of August they were all invited for a literacy conference in Dakar. The conference went really well. After the conference three teams were able to produce five primers with reading books respectively.

In September Sascha had a good trip with the regional leadership team for three weeks travelling through four West African countries to encourage their co-workers there. He arrived back safe and sound to Dakar. The day he arrived Damaris was sick and then almost all of them got a cold with a fever. Now they are healthy again and soon dry season with “nicer” weather will come.

Bible verses like those from Hebrews 13: 20-21 encourage Sascha and Damaris again and again to live with joy for their God. Be it through service to NTM personnel spread out in the villages of West Africa co-ordinated by the support team in the main office in Dakar, or be it in cultivating friendships in their local church congregation and neighbourhood.

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