Senegal here we come

Next week Dubby and Anna Rodda should put their feet on Senegalese soil once again at a brand new international airport only five miles from their village. Back home again!

Although Anna is still somewhat up and down with her Parkinsons, overall they believe that she is well enough to go. Almost everything is now in place for the trip, and they are trusting the Lord to work out all the bits they do not know about.

It will be wonderful for them to see their friends again, especially for Anna who has not seen any of them for nine years! They are especially looking forward to seeing a man who seemed to understand and trust in September when Dubby last visited.

When Dubby and Anna left Senegal, there was virtually nothing of God’s Word available in the Saafi language. Now it is so different!

  • There are several important Bible books in print
  • Many of them are also in spoken form on memory cards
  • There is Bible teaching weekly on the local radio
  • There are podcasts of the teaching and a Facebook page

They would like to take every opportunity of sharing something of God’s Word, with young and old, and point them to these resources.

They plan to invite many young people to their home on one of the mornings for “White-man’s porridge!” – A taste of oat porridge, which will be new to most of them. They trust it will be a time to share something with that generation, many of whom knew them when they and their son Charlton were children. The young radio Bible teacher and translator hopes to be present to talk to them as well.

They also hope to meet with a group of keen believers who are sharing God’s Word with others!    Dubby and Anna would like to encourage them and find out more of what the Lord is doing in the area.

This is just a sample of the plans they have!  The whole two weeks will definitely be full.

Pray that the Lord to will use Dubby and Anna in any way he sees fit to bring glory to Him and prepare some Saafi people for His eternal kingdom!