In January, three men went from the village to do a ten week course at the Emmaus Bible School just north of Manila. It was helpful for these men to meet other Filipino believers and see how different churches function. They returned with some ideas for the fellowship in the village after spending every weekend serving in different churches. Sadly, one of these guys, a very gifted Bible teacher was dishonest and is continuing to make bad choices.
It is very easy for Paul and Cathy to get frustrated with the selfishness that exists and question whether real spiritual change has taken place when so much of ‘self’ seems to remain. While preparing a lesson recently about Babel for the kids and the ‘New Power in the Spirit’ for the ladies, they realised that their own culture is also often very self-focussed and so their struggle is just the same. It isn’t always so obvious in British culture because we know how we should behave as Christians, but our thoughts and even service, if not done through the Spirit, are just as much about ‘self’.
A son and a daughter from a key family in the village have come to understand the Gospel, have turned from their sin, left behind their old beliefs and committed their lives to Christ! The son has decided he wants to be baptised, along with a number of others. This is such a huge answer to prayer and the missionary team are praying that it is only the beginning of what the Lord will do in and through this family! Pray that those being baptised will fully understand the commitment they are making and impact others around them. The Bible’ course at the local High School went well and they have suggested the possibility of teaching at the primary school in that village this year. Please pray about this.
A group of twenty young people went to a Christian training camp in the south of the island. Paul went with them and helped with the teaching. The recent outreach in a couple of families’ homes has finished. One man has shown a level of understanding of key Biblical truth about God, man and sin but unfortunately is continuing to live apart from God. Another man has shown incredible understanding right from the beginning, which can only be granted to him from the Lord. He can’t read very well and so he listens continually to the Tagalog Audio Bible on a solar powered Mp3 player and is sure of salvation.
Zoe was very excited to get dressed up for the recent Day care graduation, especially since she got to wear socks and shoes! She also had a great time at DVBS dressing up as a Filipina and playing Filipino games. Hopefully it won’t be too dull going back to Cathy just teaching her at home! Alethea loves to do whatever Zoe is doing and get out and about to meet people, roam free and play in the dirt!

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