David and Robin Watters and the team at the mission centre in Papua New Guinea recently welcomed new families to the field. At the weekend, there was more seismic (earthquake) activity in a short amount of time than David and Robin have experienced in their twenty years in PNG.  Praise the Lord, everyone is safe, and as far as they can tell, the centre has not sustained any structural damage!

The first tremor was 6.7, followed by 7.0 about 60 seconds after the first one.  About five minutes later, a 6.9!  The Lord is really “shaking” things up for the orientation students. They have experienced some things that people who have been here longer than the Watters have never experienced.

Continue to pray for these families as they make this transition, and as they shepherd their children through all these changes and new things.

Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for the students, as they get started with language learning. Pray that they will remember what they have been taught in the training, and that they can figure out which resources will work the best for them.
  2. Pray that as they go out into the community, the Lord will provide people that will want to help them and with whom they can develop some good relationships.
  3. Pray that as they start building relationships that they will display Jesus to them in the most culturally appropriate way.
  4. Pray for those running the orientation programme, that they will be able to find some “new” places to take the students where there will not be as many expectations.