Seemingly impossible

Hugo and Mariana Morales serve in Mexico. They thank God for his love and faithfulness in their lives. They thank God that they can enter a new year with many things ahead of them, things that in their own strength and capacity seem impossible.

They had been waiting for three months for a town meeting and praying that they would be given permission to live within the Tseltal community. Prayer has been answered; they have been accepted to live within the community.”

They are very grateful to the Lord for providing them with a house to live in. A brother from the Tseltal church has offered a small house that he has on his land; they only need to build a bathroom and a kitchen. This offer is a great blessing as they no longer need to look for available land or build a whole house. By living with this family, they will have daily contact with the Tseltal language and culture. Pray for God’s provision so that they can build the bathroom and kitchen and move in during February. It is cultural to provide breakfast and lunch for the workers or the people who are helping you build. Pray for God’s provision in this area. Pray for wisdom and strength for Hugo and Mariana to do all that is necessary as well as travel from where they live now, to take food to the workers.

In December, the Lord allowed them to continue spending time with their Tseltal friends and they were able to help fire clay pots and make clay piñatas, travelling with their friends to another city to sell them at the market.

Language consultants visited Hugo and Mariana for three days to talk about strategies and tasks as they begin learning the Tseltal language and culture.

Hugo and Mariana are now in the basic level of study, which will last approximately three to six months studying 40 hours per week. Since they are in transition that involves construction and moving, their hours of study are less, but once they are established in their new home, they will comply with the required hours. Pray for them in this learning process. They have realised the difficulty of the Tseltal language and find it overwhelming. Pray that the Lord will give them the ability and wisdom to learn.

Thank you for all your prayers.