Seeds are growing

Rachel Lewis serves in Mozambique and is grateful for recent opportunities to see some fruit from seeds of prayer, witnessing, and discipleship planted a few years back. One example is a young lady that she had the privilege of seeing come to Christ in early 2022. She is doing well, growing in her faith even amid some challenging and difficult circumstances! Another example is a testimony from a friend of how God taught and encouraged her through Rachel. Praise the Lord that He uses Rachel, and that He continues to send other people to faithfully tend the little seedlings she leaves behind when He moves her on. Those glimpses have been a real encouragement to her lately as she plods along planting seeds that seem to be doing absolutely nothing right now!

Several people have recently commented on how much her Portuguese has improved—another seed growing slowly but surely! One person said, “God did a miracle—you can speak Portuguese now!” Rachel agrees it is a miracle!

Praising the Lord for:

~ God’s answers to prayer and His bringing in a harvest in His time!

~ Good progress in language and culture study and a great helper working with her!

Prayer requests:

~ To be faithful today in planting seeds where God has her now, even when she does not see anything exciting happening.

~ Pray for a productive and insightful time together when a language consultant visits in mid-March.

~ For the Lord to supply the teammates needed to start work with r target unreached people group in the near future and to strengthen the team for the task.

Thank you for your prayers.