Scripture in print

Over the past few months, Paul and Marina Briggs have been in Northern Ireland producing various teaching materials and printing Scripture portions in the Loron language. They plan to go to West Africa in October for another two-month visit to the Loron people.

Paul has been working on a commentary and lessons, in the Loron language, for the book of Romans. When they return to the village, he will need to check the content with one of the Bible teachers, and do the final checks on the commentary for Ephesians that is almost ready for printing. They trust that these resources will be a help to the Loron church elders and Bible teachers as they lead and feed their flocks.

Marina has almost completed preparing literacy courses and materials needed for teaching in twenty Loron literacy centres.

Some of their grandchildren helped them put together a hundred copies of the book of John in Loron that they plan to take with them to Ivory Coast.

Paul and Marina were encouraged by a telephone call from the main Loron Bible translator, who let them know that the book of 1 Corinthians is almost ready to be checked by a Bible translation consultant. They thank the Lord for the continued progress in getting more Scripture into the hands of the Loron believers.

Please be praying for Paul and Marina as they head back to West Africa. They have several things they would like to see accomplished during their visit:

  • Import their pickup truck from Burkina Faso into Ivory Coast.
  • Help with the final checks of 1 Corinthians before the consultant check
  • Make the final corrections to the commentary on Ephesians before printing
  • Work on Romans lessons in preparation for a one-week teacher-training seminar next year.
  • Visit bush churches and literacy classes to be a help and encouragement

Thank you for your prayers and interest in what the Lord is doing among the Loron people.