School year ended

Classes continued as distance learning at the missionary training centre in Asia-Pacific where Jonathan and Dian Langhardt serve. This “new” way of studying was a huge challenge not only for the teaching staff, but also for the students. Spending time and working on homework in a disciplined manner was the biggest problem for most people. The two subjects that Jonathan help with in the mission course became somewhat like a desert-experience with a lot of reading and writing tasks for the students.

Dian and the other women from the childcare team prepared various activities, so that the little ones had something meaningful to do while the adults were doing their homework. Taking turns with her colleagues so that each of them did a week of ‘home lessons’, they provided the children with painting and handicraft activities.

She was able to continue to work on the Bible lessons for children in addition to the daily household chores, which she enjoyed and is grateful for good results. Not being in the nursery due to the restrictions gave her opportunities to correct the lessons. She is currently working on the lesson on God’s love for His people Israel. Thinking about how He led his people always strengthens her personally. He was so faithful to the people He loved and Dian was thrilled to marvel at His greatness in all of His earlier deeds.

As far as Jonathan’s work in accounting is concerned, they are very grateful to God that all has gone well. There is always a lot to do at the end of the month so Dian tries to free him up as much as she can. They are thankful to God that everything worked fine again at the end of May.

Last week the school year 2019-2020 officially ended. Five young people have completed all Bible and missionary training, and eleven others successfully completed the first major section, the two years of Bible school. Despite everything, they celebrated this happy occasion by watching a speech from the headmaster by video and also the previously recorded handover of certificates.

To date, all students are still on campus. It is now in summer break. These holidays should actually end in July before the orientation week in the last week of July gives the starting signal for the 2020-2021 school year. Unfortunately, nobody knows what it will really be like. Please pray that life quickly returns to normal and that a new class of students can start studying the Bible! Also for the next extension of Jonathan’s visa, which will expire in mid-August!

In such uncertain times, nobody can really make plans. However, Jonathan and Dian are already thinking about Benaja’s school education (he has just turned four). They would like to prepare him for his first school year in Germany when they are on home assignment in two years’ time. They are looking for a home school assistant for next year! Preferably a young man who wants to be used by God to help Benaja with preschool.

Please pray for one of the students who completed mission training in May. He will continue to live on campus to make himself useful as a temporary worker. They are very grateful for that. He is a hard-working young man who is especially helpful and a good role model for the students. Pray that he will adjust well to his new role.

Pray that the Lord will guide the other four graduates and lead them to the ministry that He has prepared for them and will richly bless them and help them to put into practise all that they have learned.