School term finished

Eveline praises the Lord for His enablement as she looked for English language tests that would give an objective assessment of prospective students’ level of English. Pray that these will be helpful, not only for initial assessment, but also for those who will teach the new students next year. 

Thank you for praying for Eveline and the students she teaches, as they all seemed to cope well with the changes in the timetable last month. For the last few weeks of school a nasty stomach bug was going around which Eveline got on the very last day of term, so she missed the end of term Easter celebration. Thankfully she had the rest of the week to recover and regain her strength. Pray that they can all have a restful and enjoyable break and be refreshed both physically and spiritually for the final term.

The teachers continue to feel the effects of being short staffed and especially when people get sick, so pray that they can keep their eyes on the Lord and remember that He is their sufficiency. Please pray for safety as many staff and students will be travelling during the break, and for preparations for the next term that begins on 19th April.

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