School is over!

There are now only two weeks to go until Becky Noble’s first flight back to the UK.

Becky has served at the Numonohi Christian Academy, Papua New Guinea, as an associate teacher for four years.

The past month has gone quickly. The Lord has graciously enabled Becky to finish school well, with several live performances, and given her opportunities to make many other good memories, including flying into a helicopter-only bush location.

This week, Becky will be hosting or visiting many of her PNG friends and their children to say “goodbye”. Please pray for special times with them.

Pray that she would be efficient with the packing/clearing-out process. Everything that she owns in her apartment needs to find a new home, be placed into storage, or packed into her suitcase.

Becky would particularly value your prayers for good health over the next few weeks, especially during the days of travel. While travel is easier than it was in 2020/2021, it is still more complicated than pre-COVID.

Pray for Becky as she soon starts to adjust to living back in the UK again. She will be moving around a bit until she moves to North Cotes in September to complete the Biblical Studies course, so will continue to be in transition during the summer months.

Becky has really appreciated being supported by prayer over the last four years.