Saying goodbye

Jonathan and Dian Langhardt with Benaja and Lukas plan to travel back to Germany next week for a yearlong home assignment.

The last weeks at the training centre in Asia-Pacific, where they serve, passed really quickly. In the last week of the term, Jonathan, was responsible for teaching classes on 2 Timothy. Praise the Lord everything worked out well, even though there were many other things to sort out at the same time. It was a fitting book of the Bible to teach before saying goodbye to the students. Three families and two young men were able to complete their missionary training this year. There was a big celebration with many guests at the end of May. It was really a joyous occasion that was attended by representatives from the different regions where the mission serves. There was a service, happy graduates and of course a big feast. This event was also the Langhardts’ farewell party. Before that, they had already packed a lot, said many goodbyes and tried to finish things or to hand them over, which was not so easy.

They are thankful to God for the help they received with Benaja’s preschool. As a result, his language skills have improved significantly and Lukas has also made real progress, which is very reassuring as they prepare for their time in Germany.

Saying goodbye to campus was difficult for Dian. She took the opportunity to spend time with her girlfriends (students and employees) one last time. For example, one evening she invited all the married female students over, to eat together, have manicures and pray for each other.
There was so much to do for their move. They had to decide which things to keep, throw away, give away, or take with them. Praise the Lord; everything went well. Returning to her home town and visiting her mum met with some challenges. In the first week, Benaja and Lukas were ill at the same time and Jonathan and Dian had to get used to the different culture again. However, they are very glad to be able to visit there again.

They are currently in Dian’s hometown, the place where Jonathan and Dian met and married a number of years ago. It reminds them of many things from the past. Pray for them as they spend time in conversation with friends and family about all the Lord has done for them.

As they travel on to Germany, pray that they will have safe travel and will transition well.