Safe travel

Jonathan and Rachel Willcock recently spent time in Bolivia at the missionary training programme. Civil unrest flared up soon after their arrival in response to the presidential elections in the country. They are thankful they were able to travel safely this week from Bolivia to Paraguay.

Jonathan had planned to do some consultant trips out to the villages where the missionaries are working, however that wasn’t possible due to the protests throughout the country. Instead, Jonathan kept busy helping in class, giving training and meeting with the field leadership. Even though it was not quite what they had planned to do, it is clearly what God had for them while they were there.

The third year students were just back from two months living in a tribal village where they have been putting into practice the skills that they have been learning in the classroom. Jonathan and Rachel found it very interesting listening to some of the stories of their adventures!

They are now in Paraguay for the rest of the month. Much of the time will be taken up with a discourse analysis workshop, helping missionaries to understand the patterns of the languages they are learning so they can communicate more clearly when they begin to teach or translate.