Safe journey!

They will fly back to Monrovia at the end of the month and meet up with the SUMMIT team from the UK, and then fly back together to their village. (The team will help them with their office building project)

Aaron and Amy would like you to continue to pray for the forming of a small group (at least four to five Glarro men) that will help Aaron to put the Bible lessons into good, understandable Glarro once he finishes his language studies. Also, pray that God would direct Aaron in his relationships, leading him to the right people to be a part of that team, and directing his conversations with them.

He is already thinking that he would like the two local pastors to be a part of this team. Pray that God would be preparing them and that they would be willing to be a part. Pray that through this they would come to a true saving knowledge of Christ.

Amy hopes to start the new literacy class on July 10th. Please pray for the finalization and printing of the literacy material.

Pray that God will motivate and send the right literacy students. People have signed up but it is unclear how many will follow through and attend. In many ways, this is a milestone in having literate people being able to read the Bible in their own language.

Aaron is doing better again after his recent sickness. However, he is still not 100%.

Aaron and Amy are thankful for the support network of friends and other missionaries he has put around them in Liberia, and for all of you who faithfully pray.

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