Safe arrival

Paul and Marina Briggs have arrived safely in Ivory Coast. They are particularly thankful for prayer over the last few weeks and that they were home in Northern Ireland for Paul’s mum’s passing. Continue to pray for them as a family and particularly for Paul’s dad.

For about two months now, they have been in the process of importing their pickup truck from Burkina Faso to Ivory Coast, but the paperwork for the vehicle is still not complete. They do not know how much longer it will take, but they would love to get back to the village as soon as possible – hopefully this week. Pray that the final steps will be quickly completed, and that they can be on their way.

Paul and Marina are looking forward to getting back to the village and hearing more about the baptism of 50 new Loron believers earlier this month. Pray for them as they continue with various translation, literacy, and Bible teaching projects. Praise the Lord that the Loron church continues to grow in numbers and maturity.