Safe arrival

God answered all the prayers for Adrian and Evelyn Jotter with Melissa, Lukas and Olivia as they journeyed to the Philippines.

Thank you so much again for your prayers. On arrival two missionary ladies picked them up at the airport, saying “Welcome to the Philippines!” and took them to the mission guesthouse, via minibus, where a few other missionaries were already waiting and also gave them a warm welcome. The whole trip starting at the hotel in Frankfurt and ending at the guesthouse in Manila took 26 hours. They were very happy that they had finally arrived and were exhausted by the heat.

They have been in the Philippines for over a week now and realise:

You do not need many meetings or appointments in a day in order to be worn out at the end of it, if – together with three kids – you are getting used to 35 degrees Celsius with high humidity, speaking English, meeting new people, new impressions, different food and the time difference of seven hours.

Overall, they are doing really well and are thankful that none of them has had any major stomach problems due to eating different food etc.

Besides some more paper work that needed to be done, orientation in the guesthouse and regarding finances,  and getting to know their co-workers etc., they have time to explore the main sights and a few other places in Manila. Their colleagues are taking them and an American family that arrived two days before them around the city (on Jeepneys, tricycles, taxis and by foot).

Continue to pray for Adrian, Evelyn and family as they adjust.