Sad to say goodbye

Since the beginning of July, Barnabas and Tabea Brownridge have graduated from training at North Cotes College, spent time with family in Germany, visited Mexico and are now in the process of locating to Lincoln.

Their purpose in visiting Mexico was to better understand the country as a mission field and seek direction as to whether this is a place where they could serve and minister in the future. Being able to go, see, and hear what is going on there was extremely helpful. They are so thankful that God provided and made it possible for them to go! The trip comprised of two full days in Mexico City, followed by seven days in Chihuahua (where NTM Mexico is based) and then another five days in Mexico City before flying home.

In Mexico City they were able to see some of the sights, and experienced the metro during rush hour – something that they would not recommend doing. It is a huge city and Barnabas and Tabea constantly experienced new sights and sounds and smells. By the end of their first day there, they were overwhelmed and a bit worried that the rest of the trip would feel the same way. But, God is good. He kept them safe and gave them the energy to carry on.

In Chihuahua which is in the north of Mexico, they were able to spend time with some of the missionaries and see what it is like for them to learn Spanish and then a tribal language in order to minister in Mexico. They met with some of the field leadership to ask them all the difficult questions and hear what their vision is for the field in the next five to ten years. One of the highlights was having food with various families who were all at different stages in their ministries!

On their return to Mexico City they were able to visit the other Bible school that is run by NTM in Mexico and meet some of the students there. This Bible school’s classroom is literally the living room of one of the men who is leading it! It was really helpful for them to understand how they minister in the city.

Overall, Barnabas and Tabea’s time in Mexico was useful; it gave them a better understanding of what a ministry could look like for them. It was also greatly encouraging for them to be able to speak with so many people and hear about how God is working in people and through people.

One of the things that they had been praying for was clarity. They were not sure what that would look like, but feeling sad that they had to say goodbye – was an answer to prayer!

Pray that they would settle well in Lincoln, they are currently living with people from church until they can move into an apartment next month.

Tabea is currently applying for jobs in Lincoln. Please pray that God would open the door for the right one in His time.