Running together

Thank you for your prayers for their children. Prayer for Elias has been answered. He has done remarkably well adjusting to life at boarding school. He has his ups and downs but overall is enjoying his new life there. Callie is doing really well this year too. Academically she is off to a better start and is working to maintain the grades. Usually towards the end of the term she tends to slip back so they are praying she can keep pushing hard to the end. Pray for them both to have a strong finish.

Phil has been working non-stop with his translation team to finish up 1 Timothy, the narrative part of the book of Daniel and has started filling in the missing portions of the book of Acts. He also works with the teachers as they prepare to teach the Bible lessons each week. Right now they are in the second part of the life of David (from when he becomes king until his death). Pray for the believers to be open and willing to learn from these great life-lessons. He also is helping three evenings a week to teach English to the 8th grade distance learning class, as well as assisting the distance university students with their various needs.

Elin has kept busy with a list of projects including: helping the team of four-literacy teachers work with their all- women class, developing more post-literacy books, arranging a big graduation celebration for those who have finished the literacy course but have not officially received their diplomas yet. Also, translating the books that Phil is working on back into English for the translation consultants, teaching ladies’ Bible study and finishing up the discourse analysis of the Mwinika language. Pray for the literacy course that is underway – for the teachers to remain strong and the students to not falter (one and a half months to go!)

Sometimes Phil and Elin feel like circus performers spinning ten plates at a time on sticks. Once the projects get going, you have to keep them spinning, while also not letting the other plates lose their spin and fall! Pray for strength and the ability to prioritise.

They are also preparing for their big trip to Australia in December for a workshop. On their way out of the village they will be stopping in the provincial capital to pick up paperwork and to encourage and help their friends who are returning from their home assignment in the USA. Pray for safety and direction for their upcoming trip and travels.

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