Rough copy printed

Ragnar and Elizabeth had asked for prayer that they would be able to print the rough draft of Phase I before they went ‘home’ for the summer. They were working hard towards that goal, but as the time got closer it looked like they just could not make it. With just one week left and eight lessons still to be transcribed, corrections to be put on the computer of 40 edited lessons, and all 70 to be printed, on top of not being successful in finding someone to help them, they were almost to the point of giving up; not because of discouragement, but common sense seemed to be telling them it was impossible – it would have to wait until September.

If they could distribute them before they left, it would give the proof readers three months to carefully go over each lesson and hopefully send them back to Baguio by the time Ragnar and Elizabeth return in September.

And then the Lord sent people to help. By God’s grace, on Friday morning, although not all lessons were gone over with a fine tooth comb, since it is still the rough draft, they went ahead with the printing and a 78 year old man volunteered to help put the final pages in the binders. The night before they needed to distribute them, they were ready.

It was also in God’s timing that a seminar was taking place in Baguio, with people from each region attending. So Ragnar and Elizabeth were able to go there Saturday morning and distribute the lessons. Even though they only printed 10 copies, several people can read each one and write in their various comments.

Ragnar and Elizabeth thank the Lord for encouraging them to keep pressing on and all those who have been praying for them.

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