Last month Simon and Annika had the privilege of taking part in the NTM-UK staff weekend retreat.
It was a great time of encouragement and listening to Gods Word. As a teacher at the Bible school
Simon often spend lots of time preparing to teach others so it was great to just sit and listen to some
great teaching and be encouraged. This also gave everyone a great time to enjoy fellowship together
outside of the “workplace.” It is hard to believe it is the last term of school and Simon and Annika are looking forward to graduation. Pray for all the staff and teachers at North Cotes to finish well as it gets close to the end of the academic year.

Simon and Annika’s children; Nya, Noah, Karis and Judah are growing so fast and they are so
thankful to the Lord for these precious gifts. Both Nya and Noah have professed faith and pray at night for their younger siblings that they will believe that Jesus died on the cross for their sins so that they can be in heaven with them one day too.

This time last year Simon and Annika were moving down to the Bible school from where they had
been staying in Edinburgh, learning the ropes and getting prepared for their first year here. Their
kids were struggling to adjust to a new school and friends and Simon had a heavy teaching work
load. They are so thankful to look back over the year and see the way the Lord has seen them
through. Their kids are well adjusted and love their new school and friends. Simon has made it
through all his classes and has even enjoyed it as well! And let’s just say Annika has survived!! As
they look ahead, this time next year they are hoping to be getting ready to head back to Papua New
Guinea. Their hearts desire has always been to get back to the Mengen people group that they were
a part of. Some preparation has already started in small ways. Their PNG co-workers are evaluating
their house in the bush, especially the electrical side, to see what has been damaged and what they
will need to take back with them; if they need new batteries, solar panels, etc. they must be ordered
from the USA and this can take six months to arrive. Also, they will be researching home-schooling
material. Last time Simon and Annika were there they had no school age children, this time Annika
will have three, plus a toddler! Also, their house has one bedroom in it, there are now six of them!

Pray for the Mengen Bible teachers as they are coming close to the end of another outreach in the
next few weeks. Pray for another harvest of souls. Also pray for clear direction and ability to assess
the maturity of the Mengen churches and wisdom for the missionary team as they plan the next
steps in nurturing them towards maturity.

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