Roller coaster

At times Olga would start to concentrate on things that don´t really matter instead of concentrating on the essential, which is Jesus Christ our Saviour, the promised One, who died and rose again, who is the living God, the motivation in Olga’s life.
Olga sometimes had thoughts like ‘How will everything work out? How will I manage it all? I cannot do this anymore.’ But to give up was never in her mind. Olga still has the desire to take the Gospel to those who have not heard.
During Olga’s time in Germany she has been amazed by God’s grace and how HE provides and cares for her in every step she takes. God is good.
After a long wait Olga now has her departure date in early May. It is one month later than she originally planned but she is happy that her flight is booked and that she can start her ministry in Paraguay soon.

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