Roller coaster

Philip and Natalie Hansen were at the mission centre in Papua New Guinea from October into November. Their return to Kovol was delayed due to Covid-19 contact tracing and quarantine. When they returned a co-worker from the centre went with them. Their kids bonded well with her and had so much fun. She was able to see bush life and help Natalie with the kids. This gave Natalie the opportunity to catch up on things and spend more time learning the Kovol language; a huge blessing.

Medical work has been a tough roller coaster for them and one of their biggest challenges. The people are not only so far away from any medical care, but they have limited medical understanding. Their belief is that any major sickness or injury is directly caused by a specific ‘sin’. If they can figure out that ‘sin’, confess it and repent of it, the person will recover. They are vague about what happens after death, and it scares them. The team still have to keep finding the balance regarding when to help them or when to have to send them elsewhere.

They are not there to start a clinic, but to show them Christ’s love and hope to soon teach them about it in their heart language. Pray for them as they learn the language.

Their kids Louis and Timon, are starting to warm to the kids in the village. Pray that they will find friends in Kovol that they can bond with, and have a positive impact on each other.

Every six months Philip and Natalie are assessed to see how they are progressing in learning the Kovol language and culture. This month they have another visit. Please pray for them, that they will be able to remember everything they have learned. Also, pray that their consultants will be able to identify good strategies to help them progress quickly (at least to the point that they can effectively minister in the language).

Pray for wisdom in deciding how to write in the Kovol language. This is a challenge, as some vowels and consonants seem to fluctuate depending on the area and speaker.

Prayer is vital to the ministry in Kovol. It is still a dark place. They need your prayers!

Pray for:

  • Growing relationships in Kovol
  • Kovol friends for their kids
  • Good progress in language learning (they would love to finish this year)
  • Steve, Gerdine and family as they hope to return in March

Praise for:

  • Those who support and pray for them as a team and the huge part they play in the Kovol ministry
  • The privilege of knowing HIM

• Those that have travelled out from the mission base to help them