Roller coaster of emotions

For Peter and Rachel Bittle and family their first Christmas in Asia-Pacific was quite different from what they know as ‘normal’. On Christmas Eve they went to a Christmas Carol Service at the international church in the town where they live, and then they had some friends over to their house for pizza. The next morning they went to a national church, and the service was followed by a fellowship lunch. They then went home, opened presents and had a Christmas dinner as a family (they even had smoked ham.)  Christmas night was spent visiting in one of their neighbours houses.

Peter was also able to visit a friend’s grandparents’ house on New Year’s Eve. It was a traditional house just outside the city. The grandfather has been a real witness in his community and has seen quite a few families come to Christ. The heads of these families are invited each year to his house for a time of prayer, and lots of food.

The children appear to have settled well, however, please continue to pray for them. There are times when Peter and Rachel can see they are really missing family and ‘home’.

As a family they try to attend a local national church (7am) and the international church (10am), so the kids can also benefit from an English speaking Sunday school and they love it.

Peter and Rachel are still busy with language study. They continue to do this mostly from home. Language helpers visit five days a week for two hours at a time. They will have their next language evaluation in June.

Every six weeks they attend language school for two hours per day for two weeks. This is to help them with the more technical side of language – grammar, sentence structure etc.

Please pray for them in language study. It seems like a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes stressed, sometimes encouraged, sometimes despairing, sometimes understanding, sometimes feeling like they are making progress, and sometimes feeling like they will never make it!  It is often monotonous and embarrassing; it is always tiring, but also often fun.