Rhythm of life

Regina is back in the city in another area of West Africa. The trip went well, only with some small difficulties. The first thing she did was to settle in, get furniture, visit friends and start French sessions with her language helpers. She finds the rhythm of life in the city is different and sometimes a bit more stressful than in the village.

Please pray for good progress in French, so that Regina can express herself more clearly and freely. She is now in the last phase of study.

Please pray for the time she spends with her language helpers. They read through books, listen to recordings, talk about life and they are growing in relationship with each other, and therefore Regina is also progressing in French.

Please pray for her trip to the south of the country, where she will look after the kids of three families, while the team has meetings with the field leadership team.

Please pray for wisdom and ideas as to how Regina can be a blessing to the families on the field, e.g. through family debriefings.