Rhythm of life

Over the past few months, Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo have been able to unpack most of their belongings and are in a good rhythm of life. It is nice for them as a family to feel more settled after so many transitions. They are becoming more comfortable with their responsibilities in the finance office and are thankful for opportunities that arise to serve the missionary team in Senegal. They recently started attending a church that is just a few minutes’ walk from where they live. They are asking God to show them how He would like them to get involved there.

Their children continue to enjoy their school, Alessandro and Chantal are so thankful to see their academic and personal growth. A big praise is that God has provided the funds for this current school year and the driver has been faithful. Not having to do this daily commute to school is a real time saver and huge blessing.

When they left Canada last summer, they knew that they would have to return to Canada to renew Canadian permanent resident’s status for Alessandro. If they return before mid-May, by the beginning of August, he would have accumulated enough days present in Canada to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Therefore, in May, they will return to Canada for three months. It will not be a typical home assignment, as they will continue to do the mission finances for West Africa remotely.

Please pray for:

  • Preparations for their return to Canada and for doing the finances remotely – that any potential problems would arise before they leave and that everything would go smoothly while they are away.
  • Renewal of Alessandro’s Canadian permanent resident status as well as his Canadian citizenship application.
  • Planning of open house opportunities at two different churches in June to connect with supporters.
  • Wisdom in how to use their time and energy and not take on too much.
  • Chantal’s health, as she has been struggling with headaches lately.
  • Finances for their children’s schooling.