Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach who serve God in Liberia, West Africa, among the Glarro people, are currently on home assignment.

Their time in Germany passed quickly. They connected with some of their supporters there and spent a refreshing time with Aaron’s family. Now they are in the USA, making several trips in different directions to visit supporters and friends and to give an update of their work in Liberia. They have several visits scheduled already, while still having to set a time for others. It looks like they will be driving over 5000 miles in the next couple of months.

Aaron has also been reading over their co-worker Guy’s Bible lessons, and giving him some input. Guy and his family are in Liberia and he continues to work on Bible lessons with the small band of helpers.

When he can, Aaron is double-checking the content of translated scripture portions of Matthew. This is one of the necessary steps in translating the Bible, through which they can help their main translator, Lesley, make faster progress.

Amy also stays busy with checking out features of the Glarro language by listening to audio recordings of Glarro people speaking to each other. She makes notes, and analyses what they are saying in order to understand the complexities of the language. This process is called discourse analysis.

Aaron and Amy recently heard that one of their regular visitors to their house in the village passed away unexpectedly last week. He was in his twenties. This was very sad news for Aaron and Amy, as they do not know that he ever came to salvation through Jesus.

They thank God:

– For the time that they can spend here fellowshipping and visiting with friends and family, and for the encouragement they have been to them already.

– That their co-workers are doing fine and that they are able to continue the ministry among the Glarro people while they are on home assignment.

Please pray:

– For wisdom for scheduling their remaining visits.

– That they can be a blessing.

– As they interact with many people, and that these visits will be a time where they can strengthen and encourage one another in Christ.

– For revival, that God’s Spirit will stir people’s hearts to draw closer to Him, in the USA, Liberia and the rest of the world.

Thank you for praying for Aaron, Amy and the Glarro people.