Lourens started travelling at 6am and only arrived at his destination at 2am the next morning. It was a very special reunion with his friends and they did not sleep that night but visited together until daybreak the next day.
It was very special for Lourens to see how these teachers have taken on the responsibility in this new area and have proven very faithful. Supported by the Mengen church two Mengen families have relocated to this village, established gardens and built houses to support themselves and build relationships. They started to teach through all 75 lessons in course one and then all 30 lessons in course two; they took care of all discipleship issues and now there is an established group of believers. Just a few years ago these teachers were lost and in darkness and now through God’s grace are believers, but more than that they are teachers operating independently from the missionaries! Absolutely amazing!
After a long absence from the believers in the village, due to an extended home assignment, the Laureti’s are really encouraged to see that the church in their village is doing well! In general the church is very much able to handle everything by itself. However, the church has also identified a few needy areas. They feel the need for some help from the missionaries with the last push towards maturity i.e. working with the leaders in how to study God’s Word, how to evaluate the church and then apply God’s Word in needy areas.
The Lauretis return to the village coincided with a two-day conference of the two Mengen churches and the one outreach. It was attended by hundreds of people. This conference was entirely the work of the Mengen church from accommodation, to food, to speaking; everything. The aim was to develop unity between the works and to challenge believers and unbelievers alike. They have begun a fourth church plant and are wondering about a fifth. Isn’t God good? Thank you so very much for your prayers; please continue.
Two believing men are desirous to be used of God in the teaching and proclamation of His Word but are being hindered due to their wives unbelief. These ladies are sisters, please pray for their salvation.

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