Returning well

Dave and Emma Moore with Joshua serve in Papua New Guinea as part of a church planting team. Dave looks after the medical needs of the team and developing community health care. Emma teaches music at Numonohi Christian Academy. They returned to the UK in April for an extended home assignment to give time for Dave to recover from mental health struggles he has been facing. They are really thankful for how the Lord has looked after them during this time.

They have been working through an in-depth debriefing process with friends from their church, using a workbook called ‘Returning well’. Dave and Emma are comforted that many of the challenges they have faced are a normal part of working cross-culturally and were specifically mentioned in the book.

Dave is doing better and has been able to return to medical work but it will likely be several weeks to months before getting back to normal. He counts it a privilege to be able to work part time for the National Health Service at this time and is heartened to see the way so many have shown appreciation for NHS and key workers. The adjustment to different ways of working at the urgent care centre has felt like several ‘first days at work’ but it is going well.  Pray for ongoing wisdom and stamina in continuing frontline NHS work during the Pandemic. There have been opportunities to engage in teaching and training others online through the work of Christian Medical Fellowship.

In PNG Gospel work has continued to go on. The school at Lapilo remains closed but there are hopes to reopen it in September depending on whether staff are able to travel again.

Emma is going to be teaching Joshua through home schooling this coming year. They are excited about some options for learning that are tailored to his interests and the opportunity this will give for flexibility in travel when that opens up again. Pray that home schooling will be an encouragement to Joshua and Emma.

They are looking forward to some proper holiday time in August in Yorkshire & Northumbria. In September, Dave plans to start the one-year Bible Training Yorkshire course, which is for a day a week. As well as continuing some part time GP work there will be time in coming months to focus on ongoing professional development relating to working in a rural and remote environment such as learning more about emergency medicine and anaesthetics in particular.

One of the things that has helped them a lot recently has been the opportunity to get stuck into some gardening. Being outdoors, having time to think, time to listen to talks and learn and have something to show for it, have all been satisfying and encouraging. Joshua has really enjoyed making Airfix and Italeri models and his own creations from cardboard and balsa wood. They have also enjoyed runs, walks and bike rides and Dave has been able to get back to some swimming in a lake in the area.

Dave and Emma are encouraged spiritually by what they have been reading and learning about and have had good input from their church and small group and enjoyed learning through podcasts too.

Pray for ongoing healing, renewal and learning in the coming year.