Returning soon

Tony, Lina and family have a week left, before they fly to their ‘other home’ among the Buket people of Asia-Pacific.

When they arrived in Germany in December, they really had a hard time handling the cold temperatures. However, they did enjoy the quiet moments sitting by the candle light together with family and friends. It was in January that the kids started school again. Levin was able to attend the same class that he had attended four years ago. Chloé attended a class that she previously did not know at all. It was the very first time that she sat in a classroom with many other kids. Lias and Nora were able to join the local kindergarten. All four of them got along quite well and some of them made friends easily.

January was also the start of their extensive travels. They were travelling around in order to give some information about their work in Asia-Pacific and be witnesses to the great God that they serve.

All in all they had just about 40 doctor visits, more than 100 visits with friends, gave 45 presentations at various locations all over Germany, had appointments at the school and at the kindergarten, conducted a seminar for prospective couples, took care of their passport situation, continued language study, and participated in kids’ church. Tony gave a few sermons and worked at their church. With different appointments with Ethnos360 and trying to maintain a normal everyday routine for the kids, it has been a very busy, strenuous but enjoyable time.

Their co-workers still live in the village and continue to pursue their language and cultural studies. They are all at different stages and will take another language test in September. Pray for them. One team member plans to return to the USA at the end of October for home assignment and wants to start translating the Bible upon her return in May 2024.

Praise the Lord, for two young ladies who will join Tony, Lina and family in the village for the upcoming school year, to help out with schoolwork. An answer to prayer. Levin will be in 5th grade, Chloé will be starting 3rd grade and Lias will start school this year. Pray for their visa, flights and all the other things that need to be organised so that they can join them from September to May.

Tony and Lina are very grateful:

That all of their kids have had a really good time and were able to adjust well to school, kindergarten and church.

For safe travel.

For quality time with friends and family.

They would appreciate prayer:

For their remaining two weeks in Germany.

That they are able to help their kids cope with the tremendous challenge of saying good-bye to everyone.

For the team’s upcoming language tests.

For the kids new school year and for the time with their new home schooler helpers.