Returning soon

Whilst in Canada Ragnar and Elizabeth were able spend time with both their sons and families, making fourteen of them altogether. Craig and family had travelled from the UK to make it such a precious time.
Ragnar made a quick trip to see his mother and was very thankful for that time with her; the two weeks in the Faroes went by quickly as he tried to fit in several meetings, his niece’s wedding and helping his sister with various projects.
Ragnar and Elizabeth also appreciate the opportunity the Lord has given them to share their work in various churches in the area and prepare for several radio clips of missionary work and spend time with their leaders, family and friends. It is encouraging to them to see the excitement of fellow believers when they hear what God is doing about the Kankana-ey. Obvious interest and assurance of prayers is so uplifting.
Pray for Ragnar and Elizabeth as they prepare to go back to the Philippines early next month.

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