Returning soon

A few weeks ago some of Ineke’s colleagues who do Bible translation in a tribe on the same island in PNG visited her in the Netherlands. She was able to share their sightseeing time in the Netherlands with Jan and Annette Wols. They were grateful that they could show this hospitality to their co-workers. Ineke truly treasures these people who are willing to do the hard work in the bush and was glad to take the time to encourage them.

Ineke also travelled with three young people to North Cotes College, England. They had the opportunity to sit in the Bible classes and experience the life and challenges of a missionary in training. Ineke appreciates North Cotes and the people serving and studying there. She enjoyed see old and new friends and the student body functioning. She feels so blessed to be part of this team to reach the ends of the earth. She also visited her friends in Louth where she attended church during the time of her training. She was able to give a report in the worship service where they gave her time to present God’s work in Papua New Guinea.
Praise the Lord, Ineke has finally found someone to help her with her website. Pray for this to work out as they have only just started. This month will also be filled with many last details to finish up and renewing contacts with Hoskins. A week after her arrival back in PNG, it will be the annual Eastern Area Conference and Ineke is signed up in a team to organise some afternoon activities. She is so looking forward to see the area team again and spend time together.
What a great way to start off a new term on the field. For this new term, the area coordinator has asked Ineke to take the tribal supply and flight coordinating needs of Hoskins Centre as her new ministry. After the conference, Ineke needs to attend the ‘dangerous goods’ course at the field centre in the highlands. The plane tickets are already booked and a friend has offered hospitality.
Pray for the support team in Hoskins, for wisdom in priorities, health and encouragements. They are encouraged that several helping hands and teams are planned to help out with conference in April. Continue to pray for the teams needed to visit this summer to help out with the many projects that need to be done to rearrange/downsize the centre.
Pray for Ineke to have a good month of finishing up her time of home assignment, for God’s provision of her needs and for the wisdom to trust Him in His promises.

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