Returning after home assignment

At the Mission’s Conference Philip and Natalie were privileged to meet missionaries who are serving God all over the world with different mission agencies. One family were serving in Natalie’s home country – Germany! Philip and Natalie would have loved to join almost all of them as they were listening to each one’s ministry, their different needs, and how God was at work! They could clearly hear again – the harvest is full but there are not enough workers to ‘Tell of his salvation’. There is much work yet to be done. What about you? Where are you telling of His salvation? It is so good to know that we have a big, good God; it is His work. Moreover, He has given the Holy Spirit to guide and help us.

Co-workers Steve and Gerdine, currently in Europe have an addition to their family: Oscar! Even though Oscar is still recovering from an infection, they are thankful they are doing well for the most part. They are looking forward to seeing them in a few months.

Pray for a missionary unit to join their team.

The technical vocational school and an elementary school are asking for Bible teaching again. Philip has started co-teaching with another missionary. Philip and Natalie are hoping to get to know him and his family better. Once Steve and Gerdine return to PNG, they are hoping to start talking together and see if a team partnership would work for them all.

Philip is no longer needed in the finance office, which gives him the opportunity to focus better on teaching and discipleship. A carpentry class, that has heard the Gospel, is interested in further teaching and discipleship. In addition, the religious education director is hoping for sermon preaching on special events at the school. The director also mentioned hopes of even teaching the teachers chronologically through the Bible. Philip and Natalie are not sure that will happen, but it would be amazing if it did. Pray for prepared hearts to accept Christ.

Even though their baby son Louis did not get much sleep during all the travelling and the conference, he did great with everything most of the time. He even cut two teeth during that time and was/ is still fighting a bigger cold. However, he seems to realise that they have finished travelling, has started to relax and enjoy more mummy time and is sleeping better.

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