Returned to the Gende

Rats or a rat had made its home in Paul and Susan’s house so they battled with that for several nights. An earthquake shook the house at night too but finally overall they are sleeping better for which they are thankful.

The fridge had problems when they started it up again, which is always stressful due to the fear of losing their supplies. Nevertheless Paul was able to install a new thermostat they had ordered and was on hand and so things are running satisfactorily!

Paul and Susan enjoyed fellowship with the believers. It seems that one believer has been reading from Mark and sharing a few thoughts. One lady told Paul and Susan that they felt he is very clear in his teaching. Praise the Lord for another believer who was away in town but has been teaching Acts in another location.

It takes Paul and Susan a while to work out where there are problems and who needs help. One sister talked to them and returned to fellowship in the morning after she had been upset with another church family, which had kept her away for the last few weeks. Some believers have not been to meetings for several months. How they are wasting their lives when they could be living for the Lord! Since  they live further away Paul and Susan find it is harder for them to make contact with these believers, as they are just not fit enough to go walking up to the mountain villages.

Paul and Susan need to restart some Bible studies for people nearby. The mining exploration and work has slowed right down so there are fewer distractions. It is important to make the most of this time and work urgently for the Lord Jesus.

Pray for Paul and Susan as it was hard for them to leave their family. The Lord gives His grace and strength and eases their pain. They are thankful that their family are in His care and for the sacrifice they all make for the sake of the Gospel and the Lord Jesus. Paul had a second growth cut out of his shoulder three days before they departed for PNG and this is still healing. The wound on his face has healed and time will make it fade. They have a number of aches and pains between them, not helped by gaining weight while back in the UK. Simpler living and a bit more exercise will help.

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