Returned to the field

It is not an easy task travelling from Germany as far as Asia-Pacific with little kids but Ben and Tabea are thankful that the trip went surprisingly well. It has now been about three weeks since they arrived and they feel settled and back to fairly normal energy levels.

They were able to enjoy some nice spring weather in Germany in the two weeks before they left and the children had great fun with their cousins. Ben and Tabea had opportunities to give an update and preach on both weekends, which was a real encouragement for them too, especially chatting with so many supportive people who are interested in their ministry. Unfortunately, they were in the UK mostly over winter and now the rainy season is just starting in the area where they live in Asia-Pacific. They will have to plan that differently next time!

Thankfully, a co-worker family was staying in their home while they were on home assignment, so it has been well looked after. Only a few of their things went mouldy in storage but it was better than expected.

They have mainly focused on getting practical things set up. Ben has bought an electric oven and induction stove and is measuring how much electricity it takes to cook. He is hoping that perhaps with a big enough solar energy system it might be more practical to cook with electric in the tribe than shipping propane tanks backwards and forwards, especially if supplies need delivering by helicopter.

This week a language consultant is planning to come to visit to help talk them through what needs to be done so that they can officially finish up with their national language and culture study. Please pray that the meetings go well and that they will be encouraged to do the last stretch and finish well.

Praise Points

Safe journey from one side of the earth to the other!
For already being able to get most practical things sorted out
For the opportunity to rest and recharge
Upcoming consultant help

Prayer Points

That the kids continue to transition well
Language learning, also for the kids as they have forgotten almost everything they knew
Reconnecting with friends and co-workers.
For some paperwork that their team is working through at the moment – formal permission to work in the tribe