Returned from home assignment

Sasch has a Green card for the USA, and he was able to apply for a special re-entry permit, which will mean that he will not have to return to the USA until the end of 2017 (instead of the usual yearly visit).

The children are growing and thriving. Ruben enjoyed spending the winter in a snowy climate, building snowmen, and sledding. He started kindergarten a few months ago and is excited about it and learning fast. In January they pursued doing a bit of physical therapy for Judah, and it really payed off. He began walking and is noticeably stronger at lifting his head. He continues to be his little lovable self, very smart and sweet, but he has also definitely entered the ‘terrible twos!’ Hosanna Grace was born at home in February and they are thankful that all went smoothly. She is strong and healthy; a sweet girl who loves to smile and ‘talk’. Her brothers love her.

Much has happened in the last few weeks since the family returned to the tropics. They travelled directly to their old house and spent the ten days sorting and packing everything up before moving to the area where they are going to serve in the future. They were able to use the mission aeroplane which made the moving process much easier. They spent five weeks getting a jump start in learning the language and building friendships and started to get a small glimpse into the lives of the people, both the progress the believers are making, as well as the things that strike fear into the hearts of the unbelievers. One young man in the village got sick during their last week there, potentially with appendicitis. Shortly before that he was involved in a fight with his friends while mining for gold and ran away from them. Now he was worried that his friends had a grudge against him and cursed him, thus causing him to be sick. This is the normal reaction of those who have not yet trusted in Christ; they live in fear of the results of their actions or the actions of others around them.

Sasch and Charissa quickly felt at home in the village and their boys love it there too! Their housebuilding project is nearly finished and will hopefully be habitable once they return to the village. Pray for Sasch and Charissa as they jump into full-time language/culture study. The process of visa renewals this year was a bit complicated and took much longer than expected, but thankfully was successful. Now most of the family have their new visas in hand, and they are only waiting for Hosanna’s as it had to undergo a slightly different process. Pray that this will be wrapped up quickly so they will be able to return to their ministry location in the next couple of weeks.

Sasch and Charissa’s co-worker recently underwent surgery to remove several benign tumours (which also involved a complete hysterectomy), pray that she would recover quickly and fully.

As Sasch and Charissa and family adjust to life in the village; pray that we will find a good daily routine and that they will be good examples. Also pray for unity and good relationships within the team, wisdom in childrearing and for Ruben’s schooling.

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