Return to the bush

It took them a week to get over jetlag and to sleep through the night again. Now that they have regained their strength they have started to prepare for their return into the bush.

They need to stock up with groceries and household supplies for the next eight to ten weeks. Everything needs to be packed neatly into boxes or black plastic to be flown with them in the helicopter.

Tom and Lilly are still adjusting. They lost most of their abilities to speak or understand English or Tok Pisin. It will come back. Tom got sick with a high fever and is on antibiotics at the moment. They are glad to be close to medical help before they head back into the bush. The little NTM clinic on the base in the Highlands provides medical care for all the missionaries.

Due to unexpected repairs on the helicopter the schedule for returning to Pal had to be changed. They will have to use the helicopter from another mission to take them back. This is more costly and involves a lot of rearranging but they are thankful for this option.

After two years of separation their team will finally be united again. Axel and Sandra are also looking forward to being back with the Pal believers and to see how they are doing.

Thank you for praying for them in this time of transition, especially for Tom and Lilly.

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