Return to Senegal

Lív plans to visit friends and family in Denmark on her way back to West Africa.
Once Lív adjusts back into life in the village she plans to continue the translation of Romans.
Pray that the Lord will give her wisdom and strength. It is a very difficult task and without His help it is impossible.
Lív’s co-worker has started with the Bible teaching again. Pray for him for wisdom and strength as he teaches several times a week for three months. Also pray for protection and health for the team.
Lív is grateful that she will be able to be in the village this time while the teaching is going on. Pray for those that will come to the lesson that they will understand the message and that the Lord will use it in their lives.
Lív will only be in Senegal for a few months this time around. She is planning to return home in the summer so that she can visit her mother. She will continue translation whilst at home which will be a new experience. Pray for Lív’s mum during the time Lív is in Senegal.
The literary classes in the village have started again but sadly there is not much interest from the men attending the Bible teaching. Please pray that the Lord creates a hunger in their hearts to be able to read His Word for themselves.

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