David and Chris were concerned at the delay of their things arriving by truck from their previous home but the Lord had everything under control! Everything arrived intact one afternoon and all the student men helped unload and place each box in the designated room and they were soon able to move in and really begin to get organised. Pray that they would be able to finish setting up their home and that it would be used for His glory. Also pray that they would know which church the Lord would have them attend.
Ten days later their ‘setting up home’ was put ‘on hold’ as they had the joy of helping out at the college when over 60 young people came for a Missionary Emphasis Retreat. David taught two sessions on ‘Future Events’ with a focus on missions and Chris helped with the music, along with two students, for the morning meetings. The afternoon activities which David and Chris had fun watching were designed to encourage team unity with a prize for the winners!
Then, with a few days break, David began teaching the book of Romans for two hours each morning until December. He has been encouraged to see the students grasp the truths that he so loves to teach. Chris has been helping out here and there and playing the piano when needed for the chapel periods. Pray that the Lord would make them a blessing to the staff and students.
David and Chris miss the college where they previously served and all their friends and colleagues there, but they know the Lord has brought them to Colombia and they thank Him for the privilege to keep serving.

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