Resting in the Lord

Paul and Susan are continually humbled as they think of each one who has had a part in their lives and in the work of reaching the Gende people with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
At this time they have no news from their Gende brothers and sisters to pass on but you can continue to pray as you have before for the believers and for those who once walked with the Lord but have chosen sin for now and for the Gende Bible teachers.
Paul and Susan’s absence causes the Gende believers to look to the Holy Spirit for help. However, Paul and Susan are keen to get back to PNG, because of how much work there is still to do and how much help the believers still need. The church is far from being established and fully indigenous. Pray for younger missionaries willing to take up the work too.
The thought of leaving Chesterfield and their family and friends again finds Paul and Susan torn between the two places in their hearts and minds.
The delays to returning to PNG have been none of their doing so Paul and Susan rest in the Lord. When they left the village in the middle of September and were flown to Cairns, Australia due to the appendicitis, they presumed they would be back to the village fairly quickly. They had no time to wash anything like their bedding or pack things away. They even left a big box of potatoes under the sink… but they are still in Chesterfield and they must do what they can where they are; serving the Lord is not limited to a certain location. Paul and Susan also enjoy various individual Bible studies and church Bible teaching opportunities in English.
For the first time ever Paul and Susan will attend the NTM youth conference. 18th-20th March. Not that they fit in to the ‘youth’ category. Pray that the conference results in many being stirred and challenged to be obedient to the commands of our Lord Jesus to go preach the Gospel and make disciples in the unreached places of this world.
So when will Paul and Susan get back to PNG? They do not know. Medical issues are delaying them but the Lord knows all.

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