Resting in Him

Christmas was fairly busy for Esmé, as she spent time at churches and with friends. She also discovered just how appreciated the printed word is in Senegal. Those who Esmé gave books or calendars to were so grateful. Pray for those who have received evangelistic calendars this year.

At the beginning of January Esmé had a fantastic time visiting a village in the south of the country. She had not been feeling well before going and, although a bit tired and not quite 100% she decided to go anyway. She travelled with others by minibus and once in the village, spent time each day walking around the village with the single ladies serving there. Esmé attempted to copy some of the words used for greeting, but it wasn’t easy…particularly as she couldn’t be sure when to use which words. Many villagers are very poor and struggling to survive, life is hard, yet they were so welcoming and so pleased to see their visitors.

It was a privilege for Esmé to meet fellow believers in the village and hear their testimony to God’s grace (translated for them by the missionaries). During the time she was there, she was able to get a better idea of what she could expect if she was to serve in a similar way on a church planting team.

Pray for this village and for those who are believers. Pray for those who have been attending the teaching and have yet to come to faith; for those who have stopped attending, for those who want to hear and have been prevented from doing so, and for those who are opposed to the Gospel and have prevented people from hearing. Pray too for the missionaries, that they stay focused on Him, dependent on His strength for each day…life is not easy when far from family and friends back home. May they be encouraged by His word day by day.

Esmé is continuing to spend time in culture and French language study – for at least the next seven months or so. Please pray for continued focus, for good health and for decisions in the coming months regarding where and how to serve Him in the years to come.

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