Rest and restoration

Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo with Samuel and Jolissa, praise God for His care for them and for this rare season of rest and restoration. Please pray for Chantal’s health and some clear answers – they have some appointments this month.

They are thankful that they can stay in the apartment where they are for this period of home assignment in Canada, and will not have to move. They are also thankful that someone has given them a vehicle to use. Praise God for providing a huge part of the cost of their airline tickets.

Please pray that they will stay encouraged as they wait on the Lord to restore and guide them. Pray for the K…… missionary team who is working hard on preparations for the Bible teaching despite the heat, the fatigue and so many other challenges. Pray for Bible lessons that clearly communicate truth in a relevant way and for a Bible translation that is clear and accurate. Pray for the K…… people – for prepared hearts and a thirst for God and His truth. Thank you!